FleetKeeper V2.5.37

The new version V2.5.37 is now available on web and iOS. The main changes permit to the users to have an historic of the activity on the FleetKeeper interface, to customize depending of its preferences and to ease the navigation.

More precisely, this new version allows the user:

  • to track some data and to have an historic (turn around checks, changes made with “edit” function, maintenance counters)
  • to customize the interface with optional modules: improvement of visuals and sending of PIN renewal email only to active users; setting some fields as mandatory or optional on Flight/Leg/After flight pages; organization can choose the time policy; adding numerous locations through a CSV template; planning fuel quantity based on expectation, before and after flight; choice of license to sign for the maintenance user (Part 145 or A&P); choice between customized or default names of some labels;
  • to simplify the navigation: prefilling flight and sub mission; choice of the user between a list for the signing pop-up; GPS location; possibility to create repetitive scheduled maintenance; transfer of data when an aircraft is transferred in another organization; CAMO is allowing to ad information on previous flight; new format for engine cycles digits (XXXXXX.XX); a due could be edit or delete ; possibility to perform flight on special conditions when the aircraft is red

This version is available since the 29th of March on the AppStore

Feel free to contact us at fleetkeeper.helicopters@airbus.com if you want to know more!

The Fleet Keeper Team

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