The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines endorsed Fleet Keeper!

The decision has been declared in October: the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) has validated the deployment of Fleet Keeper®!

The Philippines represents the second country in the Asian continent to take this decision. In April, Singapore has already approved the use of electronical logbooks for helicopter fleet.

To provide a better and easier way to manage operations, Lionel de Maupeou has expressed strong ambitions. Airbus Helicopters Philippines Managing Director is involved in the continuous digitization of the flight log processes in the other Southeast Asian countries.

Fleet Keeper® provides an online and offline innovative service for a helicopter or an entire fleet. Paper documents are totally replaced by a digital platform which is encouraging users to share information within the organization. As a consequence, the different actors can stay only concentrated on the heart of their activity. Fleet Keeper® is also a good way to keep an eye on the maintenance activities and to plan future operations. The data are collected before, during and after flight and are collected in a cloud, accessible on tablet and web.

The Fleet Keeper Team is encouraging by the 4 authorities approvals to continue to develop this tool and to cover a larger area. Concern for customer satisfaction is at the heart of our values and our main objective is the improvement of the current services.

Read more about the approval in the Philippines!

The Fleet Keeper Team

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