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Developed by Airbus Helicopters, Fleet Keeper is our flagship digital service. A complete e-solution for helicopters replacing the paper Technical Logbook and allowing real time data transfers between maintenance and operations stakeholders. Fleet Keeper reduces drastically the administrative burden and increases processes efficiency, letting our customers focus on their core businesses.

Key Features

A full e-solution by Airbus Helicopters to manage your Technical Logbook process


Perform before and after flight checks
Record flight data and events

Line Maintenance

Manage events and discrepancies
Track maintenance historical records


Get real time data from line operations
Plan maintenance in a more efficient way

Fleet Keeper is part of HCare

HCare is Airbus Helicopters’ redefined services offer, which emphasizes the company’s commitment to service quality and performance to better meet the evolving needs of our customers.


Freedom to Fly

The world of helicopters is a complex ecosystem, filled with heavy processes and paperwork.
Fleet Keeper unleashes new possibilities.

100% Paperless

Efficient and standardized zero paper process.

Time Saving

Up to 3 hours saved per helicopter per week.

User Friendly

Easy to deploy and fast to adopt, by anyone.

Mixed Fleet

A single solution to manage all your rotorcraft fleet.

Data Secured

Safe and secured data storage on Microsoft Azure technologies.

Full Traceability

Full historical data at your fingertips.

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